2013’s Over? Let’s Do This Again!
Patricia | Jan. 1, 2014


As years end, most people are glad they’re over and are looking forward to the next, and presumably better, one. Count me among those who aren’t in a hurry to see 2013 go.

This was a pretty good year for me. I shed some pounds, got a great deal on refinancing my mortgage, and finally got my best friend, Ray, to go to California with me. Professionally, I picked up several wonderful new clients, forced myself to master MailChimp, and finally settled on a business card/branding redesign so I don’t have to apologize when people ask me for my card.

And there was a lot of fun. Thanks to my friend, Kate, I got to attend the Gentlemen of the Road stopover, which was a Very Big Deal here in tiny St. Augustine. I also went to see Steve Martin and Edie Brickell with my friend, Jayne, and her very nice boyfriend who hates bluegrass but endured it anyway for our sakes. And I discovered Pinterest. Love, love, LOVE Pinterest.

I feel especially fortunate to be looking at the new year with all my loved ones poised to cross over to it with me. Some of the times I’ve enjoyed most this year were taking my dad to the doctor in Jacksonville, and then having lunch together and being able to chat all the way up and back. Even my dog is in better health now than she was at this time last year. I also reconnected with some people who had drifted off but were still important to me.

I have no complaints about 2013, only thanks. In just a few hours 2014, and all those new possibilities, will arrive. Happy new year to everyone, and may we all look back with satisfaction at this time next year.

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