About GLC

Why “Got Lucky?”

Sometimes you know instantly a when a good thing has happened and other times it takes awhile to sink in. Some years ago, I received a gift that took a little longer to appreciate. Lucky’s owner was moving and couldn’t take her. What I didn’t know when I agreed to this “present” was that from then on, my life would take a decidedly upward turn. She might have been a breathing hairball, chased cats (and tentatively pawed them to run some more when she cornered one), and pestered me to go for a walk when I’d rather stay on the couch, but she lived up to her name in every way. I was truly fortunate when I “got Lucky.”

Even though she’s gone now and Pepsi-the-mostly-border-collie has stepped up to shoulder the canine load, every time I get to explain what “Got Lucky” means, I can see her trotting out ahead of me on a crisp fall day, dog butt bouncing, as we discover all the wonderful things on our path.

About Patricia Ponder

After more than 20 years in marketing communications, including as marketing director of a regional credit union, special publications coordinator at a state university, and public relations specialist at a hospital, I still haven’t lost the ability to switch places with a target audience and produce content and copy that reaches them. When needed, I partner with a variety of other professionals and have a network of fellow providers that is creative, dependable, and skilled.

I earned my bachelor’s degree, which was awarded magna cum laude, in communications with a minor in political science from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. My master’s in public administration was awarded with a 3.9 GPA, also from UNF. I am a past board member of the American Advertising Federation Jacksonville chapter, and am active in other professional and networking groups.

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