Tea Leaves and Psychographics: Beer Brand as Personality Profile
Patricia | Nov. 2, 2009

photo-blglue-moonThe basic premise makes sense. Since, as the recent “beer summit” at the White House proved, people have strong associations with brands of beer, this preference must provide clues to personality. Even not drinking beer says something about you. Based on that idea, Mindset Media launched a survey designed to predict personality traits according to people’s tastes in beer. And here’s what they found.

  • Budweiser: Sensible, practical yet spontaneous anti-authority types who are 42 percent more likely to drive a truck than the average person and 42 percent more likely to use breath-freshening strips daily. Sound like you?
  • Bud Light: Obama’s choice in beers (and mine) reflects a person who does respect authority while lacking carefulness (what?), is accepting of people, and is easy to get along with. They are also 48 percent more likely to play the lottery (not me) than the average person, and 34 percent less likely to buy organic (not me either).
  • Michelob Ultra: These trendy, hip folks think highly of themselves and want to appear “perfect.” They have strong opinions, and can be confrontational in expressing them. Maybe for this reason, they are 34 percent more likely than the average person to buy life insurance.
  • Corona: Busy party animals who never get tired of the company of others, these fun folks see themselves as giving and warm, and as such are 91 percent more likely than the average person to buy recycled products and 38 percent more likely to own a startling three or more flat-screen TVs.
  • Heineken: Let’s just say what you lack in modesty you make up in self-esteem. Energetic and dynamic, you love to be the center of attention, and are 58 percent more likely to whip out an American Express card than the average person and 29 percent more likely to drive a sports car.
  • Blue Moon: (Full disclosure: if someone else is paying, I’ll order a Blue Moon. With the orange.) Socially liberal, these people hate moral authority and can be sarcastic when trying to get a point across. Wow, who’d have guessed? Sorry, I was being sarcastic. They are also a whopping 105 percent more likely to drive a hybrid car, 77 percent more likely to own a Mac laptop, and 65 percent more likely to buy five or more pairs of running shoes annually.
  • Craft Beers: People who go out of their way to order the most obscure beer on tap are open-minded, intellectually curious, and seek out interesting experiences. They are happy-go-lucky as they buy their organic products (which they are 153 percent more likely to do), and watch The Office, which they 52 percent more likely to do. They are also 36 percent more likely to be the one who gets to choose which movie we’re going to see.
  • No Beer: Remember all those people who wanted to have a beer with Pres. Bush, who himself doesn’t drink? Well, they probably didn’t vote for him but the abstainers did. People who don’t drink beer were found to be social conservatives who don’t like loosening up and see most issues in black and white. They honor authority and are 50 percent more likely to register Republican.

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