Dare to View Holiday Decorating Ideas from Real People
Patricia | Dec. 2, 2009

Everyone has their favorite time-waster web site, where they go to confirm the superiority of their personal tastes over others. People of Wal-Mart certainly springs to mind. But for a real look into the psyche of Americans, not to mention their living rooms, I love the Better Homes and Gardens “100 Days of Holidays,” where the reader-submitted pictures are off the chain.


I can’t see using this theme in Florida, where the humidity would have those suckers dripping in no time.


There is no way to view this tree and not get a mental image of the home owner. I can see her now…


If you were going to all the trouble to wrap your cabinets and range hood in gift paper, wouldn’t you use the good stuff?


This just makes me sad. Poor Tiger. Something tells me his Christmas will be neither merry nor bright.


Of course, my favorite is this shot someone submitted of a two-headed dog under the tree. Clever!

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